I’m Mary Shafer, the Indie Navigator.

With more than two decades in the game, I’ve seen the  book publishing industry move from a moribund club closed to most authors, to a rapidly evolving “wild west rodeo” –  just as exciting, and sometimes as dangerous.

In my professional speaking gigs at writers conferences and to indie publishing associations, I see so many other would-be authors and indie publishers making those same mistakes and more. I watch them struggle with indecision and fear, and – always – I remember what it felt like to be in their shoes. So I decided to do something about it.

I’ve hung out my shingle as The Indie Navigator, and I’m here to guide you through today’s often treacherous industry waters to success as a self-published author and indie publisher. I offer these services:

  • Indie publishing strategist – I help you determine whether you’re a good candidate to be an indie publisher, and help guide you through the steps it takes to become one.
  • Pre-Production Resource – I help you find experienced, qualified, affordable vendors to provide the print and e-book production services you can’t or don’t wish to handle yourself; and to avoid scams that promise this service but take your money without delivering value.
  • Marketing and Publicity Consultant – I am mainly a commercial copywriter and marketing specialist who backed into book publishing, so this is where I bring the most value. I can help you build marketability into your titles, keep the promotional ball rolling during production, and create sound, effective and achievable marketing plans. I can even help you implement those plans if you need that kind of creative work.
  • Speaking and Instruction on the above topics – I’m a frequent presenter at professional publishing conferences and association meetings, as well as at writers’ conferences and retreats. Learn more…

If you’re one of these people, I can help you:

  • Would-be author who can’t decide whether to seek a traditional publishing deal or to self-publish
  • Author who understands what it takes to self-publish but doesn’t know where to start or what to do
  • Author who’s already been traditionally published, but wants to take back control of your out-of-print work previously published by someone else
  • Author who understands both traditional and self-publishing and would like to participate in a hybrid of the two
  • Indie publisher who’s already self-publishing and possibly publishing other authors’ works as well, but whose sales and  bottom line could use some help

If any of these describes you, contact me to discuss how I can help you chart a course to success at the helm of your own publishing career. Bon voyage!