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Three Important Trends in Book Publishing

I’m happy to share this recent post by Joe Hyrkin at GigaOm about how publishing will continue to evolve this year. The CEO of Issuu, a Danish digital publishing platform, confirms what I’ve been telling my clients for a few years now: Digital is here to stay, and we need to learn how to use its most powerful and relevant new tools if we’re not just to survive, but prosper as self-published authors and indie publishers.


More specifically, he also validates my assertion that Twitter is not so much of significance in and of itself, but instead functions best when used as an ultra-short-form alert to draw Tweeps’ attention to breaking news, rapidly evolving situations, or places where they can go to learn more about something already important in their lives.

Check it out — the few moments it’ll take to read it are sure to be edifying, and to help you better prioritize how you’ll spend your time promoting your titles and authors.

Tech for authors Tech for Indie Publishers Tools for Success

Tools For Success: I Like Skype.

Download Skype for Authors & Indie Publishers PDF

At Indie Navigator, we really like Skype (liked it better before Microsoft got ahold of it, but that’s a done deal). It’s is a great tool for communicating around the world, on major computer platforms and mobile, and mostly for free. It’s my preferred mode for consultation, which is explained on our How We Work page. That gives a pretty good overview, but perhaps you’re not sold on the idea.

In that case, below is a PDF for you that explains in a bit more detail. It even tells you how to get started, so download and give it a whirl! I guarantee you’ll see why we like it so much. And no, we don’t get any kickbacks or anything – it’s just a cool tool you should know about as someone seeking success as an author or indie publisher.

Download Skype for Indie Publishers & Authors