The Indie Navigator can help you during


  • Understand how today’s book publishing industry works; how it has changed and is changing.
  • Decide whether to seek a traditional publishing deal or to self-publish.
  • Write a book proposal to attract a literary agent and traditional publisher, if that’s the avenue you choose, and help you identify good prospects.
  • Build marketability into your book, whether you’ll seek a traditional publisher or self-publish.
  • Build your author platform using cost-effective guerilla and social media marketing and public relations.
  • Avoid publishing scams and unnecessary expenditures that won’t help you and only waste resources.
  • Build an effective, attractive Internet presence for you as an author, indie publisher, and for your book.
  • Decide what kind of marketing efforts are appropriate for your book.
  • Create fresh, innovative promotional campaigns to support visibility and sales for you and your book.


  • Become an indie publisher the right way, so you are and appear serious and professional.
  • Decide what kind of publisher you want to be, and to identify your target audience(s) – your niche.
  • Set up your publishing process to take advantage of today’s modern technologies for efficiency and cost-effectiveness.
  • Steer clear of the so-called “publishing” scammers just waiting to take your money and hijack your book property.
  • Build a reasonable marketing plan and budget for your upcoming book.
  • Get through some of the difficulties of self-publishing, and help you create reasonable expectations.


  • Do all the pre-publication things you may have missed but still need.
  • Teach you how to maintain enthusiasm for your book over the long haul.
  • Continue building momentum for your book, your author career and their visibility in the marketplace.
  • Plan future books and perhaps related products to optimize the mining your market niche.


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