How We Work

Note that on the Services page, I said The Indie Navigator can help you. That’s how I work: with you, not for you.

I’m not a publicist, and I won’t take over your promotional efforts. I’ll work alongside you in a way that makes sense for your individual circumstances; but you, as author and/or publisher, must take an active hand in the process. Without you, anything I can do isn’t worth much — readers want to connect with the author.

As we get to know each other and I come to understand your needs, we’ll work to divide up the work to leverage our individual strengths, accommodate our schedules, and stay within your budget.

Our initial fifteen-minute consulting session is complimentary and held over the phone. That’s enough time, if you’re organized and prepared, to tell me where you are in your publishing journey, and for us both to determine whether I can bring value to that process. If so, we’ll schedule an hour-long followup session, in which we’ll prioritize your goals and map out a strategy and schedule to achieve them.

I prefer to do most consults via Skype, because it allows us to easily share files, Web links and text-based chat in case we want to archive something for future reference. It’s also a concrete way for us both to keep track of the time we’re spending, because every Skype conversation is recorded and time-stamped, so you never have to wonder what you’re really paying for. Even if you don’t end up working with me, Skype is a tool you should become familiar with and learn to use. It has so many practical and useful functions that every author and indie publisher needs, and a basic account — which is all most of us will need — is free!

My consulting rate for authors and indie publishers is $65/hour plus any expenses. I invoice immediately after each session, and invoices are payable upon receipt. If we work together frequently (once a week or more), I will bill every 15 days.

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