Testimonial – Barbara Techel

The Extra Push I Needed To Believe In Myself

Author Barbara TechelMary Shafer is the real deal when it comes to caring about the success of authors. Hiring her as a marketing consultant has given me the extra push I needed to believe in myself and my publishing company. She believes in the driving spirit of entrepreneurs, and expertly guides you down the right avenues to help you share your message in the most effective way.

When consulting with Mary, she provides me with facts, enticing ideas and expert professional examples to help my publishing company shine. She goes above and beyond each and every time. My only regret is that I wish I had hired her three years ago.

Every author should do themselves a huge favor and have the expertise and genuine guidance of Mary to help launch their books into the world.

Barbara Techel, Author

TFEcoverBarb’s Inspirational Memoir  

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