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New Life for an Old Title

Mary Shafer was instrumental in helping me resurrect my long-out-of-print book title and bring it back to market. When a film company started work on a documentary about the book’s subject matter, I began looking for a publisher who would be willing to print a second edition. Unfortunately, the only option I was able to identify was a hybrid publishing firm that wanted many thousands of dollars to scan and produce the book, and would have taken six months to do so.

Author Bonar MenningerWith time running out, I contacted Mary to see if other options might be available. She quickly educated me on the world of self-publishing and provided key suggestions about the approach I should take. Based on her advice, I was able to connect with a reputable publisher who produced the book in less than two months and at a fraction of the cost proposed by the hybrid company.

I am deeply indebted to Mary for her advice and guidance, as it is highly unlikely the second edition would have been available in time for the film’s debut without her input. The experience underscored for me the fact that Mary is a rare commodity: She’s truly an expert on the rapidly-changing world of self-publishing, and she’s also an experienced writer who understands what it takes to make a book succeed. She’s competent and realistic, and also friendly, down-to-earth and easy to work with. In short, Mary offers everything you could want in a trusted partner, and I couldn’t recommend her services more highly.

– Bonar Menninger, Author

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