Testimonial – Sheri Barnes

Made My Authoring Dream A Reality

SheriMary is a wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry and particularly self-publishing. When I came to Mary, I knew that I wanted to be a speaker and someday write a book, but had no idea how to make that a reality. Mary put my priorities in order. She advised me that my book would be instant credibility when pursuing speaking engagements, as well as product I could sell at the back of the room. Mary then offered books to read and the steps I should take in order to write and publish my book.

Mary acted as my mentor during the year it took to write my book. During that time, she offered helpful tips and pointed out things I’d forgotten or just didn’t know about. Now, my book has been published, I am out there as a speaker and am way ahead of most who have thought about writing a book but had no idea where to begin. Mary offers soup-to-nuts advice and will help you make your authoring dream a reality. I recommend Mary for both how to write a book and how to market your book.

Mama Knows Fitness book~ Sheri Barnes, aka “Mama” of the Mama Knows book series
Speaker, Author, Coach & Trainer

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